Parent Academy

What is Parent Academy?

Developed by a team of autism parents and professionals, Parent Academy is an online support center for parents who have a child on the autism spectrum.

Parent Academy Includes

Online Training Modules:

  • Module One: Behavior Basics
  • Module Two: Replacement Behaviors

Private Online Community:

  • Connect with BCBA’s and other parents in a private
  • Facebook group exclusive to Parent Academy families.
  • Get your questions answered in our weekly Facebook Live Q&A.
  • Access to visuals and materials.
  • Quick tips and daily motivational support.

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How it Works

Parent Academy is an accompanying tool to our ABA therapy service, this online support is centered around modules to help parents continue ABA therapy in their home for continued support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Parent Academy helps establish consistent reinforcement and also helps continue the clear goals at home that were established with the learner’s therapist. When the messaging is consistent from therapy to home, this shows the learner one voice helping align everyone towards success.

Parent Academy is broken up into smaller modules that you can watch/listen to while making dinner or working around the house. It was very important to BPI to keep these modules short for our special abilities parents, because we know your time is valuable!

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Why BPI?

We believe that every child has potential to reach new levels of independence, grow in effective communication, and acquire new, valuable skills. In fact, our organization exists because we believe those things. We want to partner with you to ensure that every child grows, learns, and experiences quality of life.

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