Helping Your Family Thrive At Home

Let us come to you!

In-Home ABA Therapy can target:

  • Increasing Communication
  • Improving Social Skills
  • Gaining Daily Life Skills
  • Reducing Challenging Behaviors
  • Teaching Leisure Skills


Why In-Home ABA Therapy?

Our clinic programs offer intensive skill-building and behavior-teaching programs that are valuable to your child’s growth, but our in-home services give your child a chance to put those skills into practice in their own environment. Providing in-home services also allows us to create individualized programs, schedules, and methods that will work for your family. We always offer extensive parent and family training, so that you feel comfortable continuing to practice skills even when our team isn’t there to guide you. Our therapists are trained to provide fun and effective learning strategies for your child, because intensive therapy should be focused and fun. Having an effective professional will be so much fun for your child that he or she will run to the door to greet them!

Ready to enroll your child in BPI?

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