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What is the ADOS?

The ADOS-2 is the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, Second Edition. It is considered one of the gold standards for diagnosing autism spectrum disorder. It is a standardized, semi-structured assessment instrument designed to assess communication, reciprocal social interactions, interests, and behaviors in individuals who may have autism spectrum disorder.

What is included in the ADOS assessment?

The ADOS-2 is composed of 5 modules based on the age and speech of the individual being assessed. It includes: play items for less verbal, younger individuals and for more verbal individuals it includes questions and other activities. These activities were determined to elicit characteristics of autism spectrum disorder.

Where the service is done?

Since the ADOS-2 is part of a diagnostic assessment, it is done in a clinical setting. This could be a private practice clinic or hospital setting.

The ADOS test is completed in Aurora, IL.

All testing is provided by our partner company: Foundations Counseling and Assessments. 

How does the ADOS work?

The ADOS-2 assessment is a social interaction between the examiner and the individual being assessed.

How can the ADOS help?

In addition to providing a diagnosis, the ADOS-2 assessment provides information about the individual’s areas of strength and need. For example, it may provide information about the individual’s ability to talk about an activity. This skill partly requires the ability to talk about previous experiences such as going to the zoo or on a vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Qualified examiners such as psychologists, psychiatrists, and speech therapists.

No, the ADOS screening is a play-based assessment with younger children and conversational with older learners based on their language level. Since there are no wrong answers there is not a reason for parents to stress on preparation!

A diagnosis will provide information about the individual and why they do what they do. It will help access early intervention, school services, and a range of treatment options depending on the individuals’ age and ability.

The ADOS is one part of a comprehensive assessment and feedback. Feedback will involve many aspects of your child or adolescent’s presentation. Feedback and planning sessions will include accessing services, accessing interventions and further referrals if necessary. Each family is different.

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