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ABA or Applied Behavior Analysis is based on a science of learning and analysis of behavior-environment interactions.

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is an evidenced-based practice that uses meaningful activities to help individuals reach their highest level of independence with those daily tasks that are essential for successful participation in their school, home and community.

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Speech and Language Therapy

Our goal in speech therapy is to increase your child’s ability to effectively communicate, interact, and express their needs and/or wants.

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ABA Therapy Austin TX

What is ABA Therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an evidence-based treatment that is effective for people of all ages (from early childhood through adulthood), can involve one-to-one teaching or group instruction, and is provided in a variety of settings (e.g. clinics, homes, and schools). The goal of ABA therapy is to increase helpful, meaningful behavior and skills, and to reduce behavior that is harmful or negatively affects the individual. Each program is written to meet the needs of each individual learner.

In-Home ABA Therapy

In-home ABA services allow us to create individualized programs, schedules, and methods that will work for your family. We always offer extensive parent and family training, so that you feel comfortable continuing to practice skills even when our team isn’t there to guide you. Our therapists are trained to provide fun and effective learning strategies for your child because intensive therapy should be focused and fun. Having an effective professional will be so much fun for your child that he or she will run to the door to greet them!

applied behavior analysis Austin TX
ABA therapy Austin

In-Clinic ABA Therapy

In-Clinic ABA Therapy initially focuses on building rapport between the therapist and learner, exploring the clinic environment and encouraging the child to participate and engage in therapy. Once the child becomes comfortable with their therapist and the environment, we move on to teaching the child how to communicate his or her needs/wants, respond to instructions/questions, and participate in group activities with peers.

Occupational Therapy Austin TX

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is an evidenced-based practice that uses meaningful activities to help individuals reach their highest level of independence with those daily tasks that are essential for successful participation in their school, home and community.

Occupational therapy uses a client-centered, holistic approach that promotes participation in everyday activities. The occupational therapy practitioner will work closely with the family in order to address family concerns and goals, as well as promote carryover of skills across environments. Occupational therapists collaborate with and work alongside other professionals (BCBA, SLP, etc.) to maximize goals and promote the best outcomes for each learner.

What is Speech and Language Therapy?

Speech therapy is the assessment and treatment of communication and speech disorders. It is performed by speech-language pathologists (SLPs), which are often referred to as speech therapists. Speech therapy usually begins with an assessment by an SLP who will identify areas of need and type of communication disorder/deficits and formulate recommended goals and objectives to address them. Speech therapy techniques are used to improve overall communication. Speech and language therapy may be needed for disorders that develop in childhood or speech impairments in adults caused by an injury or illness, such as a stroke or brain injury.

Speech Therapy Austin TX

Meet the Team!

Clinic Director
Rachel Reeder

Rachel is the Clinical Director in Austin, TX! Rachel has a BA in Speech Language Pathology with a minor in Family Studies and her Master’s in Behavioral Sciences.

Prior to working at BPI she was working at another outpatient clinic with children on the spectrum. In her free time she enjoys going to the greenbelt, doing yoga, and spending time with friends and family. Her favorite part about BPI is, “I absolutely love our multidisciplinary model; collaborating with speech and occupational therapy to ensure our learners are getting a focused treatment plan.”

RBT Manager
Nimbe Lozano

Nimbe is the RBT manager for our Austin TX location. Nimbe is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree and has been working as an RBT for the past 3 years. Nimbe is excited to be in a leadership role that allows her to learn the administrative side of the ABA field. In her free time she enjoys watching Korean and Chinese drama and learning Korean. She also has a one year old husky named WooBin!

Clinic Manager
Kegan Gonzalez

Kegan has been working in the field of ABA for nine years. He graduated from the University of Houston with a focus in Psychology. He worked for years as a behavioral technician and developed a strong passion for ABA and the people he has met in the process. Kegan hopes to use his experience and position to continue to foster a positive working environment and help those around him succeed.  

Assistant Clinic Manager
Debbie Pham Huynh

Debbie is a graduate from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelors in Social Work. She’s currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Social Work and is thinking about pursuing a career as a BCBA when she graduates.

Debbie was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Debbie was a RBT at  BPI Austin for almost 2  years before transitioning into her new role as Asst. Clinic Manager. She loves playing and being silly with the kids, watching them grow everyday and helping them reach their full potential! She is excited for her new administrative role at BPI. She hopes to foster a positive and supportive working environment for the staff as well as build her own leadership skills!

In her free time, Debbie likes to eat good food, watch movies or TV shows, and spend time with her friends and family. 


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Whether students return to school full-time, part-time, or continue virtual-learning, BPI has a plan of action for each scenario. BPI has focused on its school consultation program and is offering advanced training and support for educators.

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We believe that every child has potential to reach new levels of independence, grow in effective communication, and acquire new, valuable skills. In fact, our organization exists because we believe those things. We want to partner with you to ensure that every child grows, learns, and experiences quality of life.

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Clinic Director

Christine Stallone

Christine graduated from Aurora University with a Master’s Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis in May 2019. The last 13 years of her career has been spent working with children. Christine previously was a Self Contained Special Education Teacher and the Director of an Early Childhood Center she transitioned to the role of a Registered Behavior Technician in 2017 with Behavioral Perspective. Christine became a Certified BCBA in August 2019 and is excited to be working with Behavioral Perspective to continue to assist in the growth and development of children with special needs. She is super excited to be part of the Behavioral Perspective team!

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Assistant Clinic Manager

Courtney Norton

Courtney is the Assistant Clinical Manager at BPI Springfield! Courtney has her associate in Arts and is currently working towards her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Courtney loves being creative and fun for the learners. In her free time, Courtney loves to play  Sims 4, paint, and tie-dye clothing!

Clinic Manager

Amanda DeFord

Amanda is the clinic manager at the Springfield Clinic. Amanda has her Bachelor’s in Psychology and Masters’s in Elementary Education. Before working at BPI she was the Lead PreK Teacher and Assistant Director at an Early Learning Center. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, going to wineries and concerts with her husband, and drinking coffee on her front porch! Seeing the kids grow and develop is such a passion of hers!  Her favorite part about working at BPI is: “getting to work with and learn from amazing, hard-working people who have compassion and the drive it takes to help parents/guardians, children, siblings, and other co-workers to better understand and appreciate every learner that walks through our doors.

RBT Manager

Emily Leibach​

Emily is BPI’s Central IL, RBT Manager! Before starting with BPI Emily was working as Behavior Tech for 6.5 years. Her favorite part of her job is seeing our RBTs and learners grow and succeed. 

In her free time, Emily enjoys being with family and friends, visiting her sister in Florida, and going to CUBS games. One thing on Emily’s bucket list is to travel to New Zealand and ride in a hot air balloon someday!

Clinic Director

Sabina Khan

Sabina is the Clinical Director and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst at our Springfield location! Sabina received her Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Sabina was born and raised in Darien, IL. She then moved to Springfield in 2018 with her husband who started his residency at Memorial Medical Center. Sabina was working in the field of ABA as a line therapist at another company prior to starting her practicum experience at BPI. Sabina enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, and traveling with her husband. Sabina has had the pleasure to be a part of the BPI team since 2017. Sabina is dedicated to improving the lives of those she works with through her commitment to providing an evidence-based scientific approach to behavior services.

Assistant Clinic Manager

David Bandish

David has been working with the special education population for about six years. He went to Lewis University and double majored in Psychology and Criminal Social Justice. After college, he worked multiple positions within the special education field including a 1:1 Instructor, Registered Behavior Technician, Program Manager, and Crisis Interventionist. David currently works at Behavioral Perspective Inc. as the Assistant Clinic Manager. His favorite part about working with children with autism is witnessing them make progress over time as well as breaking down barriers that impede their social and academic abilities.

Clinic Manager

Kaleena White

Kaleena White has worked with children for over a decade. During which time, she worked as a home daycare provider and an assistant teacher in a couple of daycare’s. Kaleena has been with BPI for over two years. Kaleena became a Lead RBT and is now our new Apple Clinical Assistant.

RBT Manager

Jesenia Delatorre

Jesenia is the RBT Manager for our Aurora, IL clinic! Jesenia has her Bachelors in Psychology with a minor in art. She grew up in Cicero, IL. She loves doing anything arts and crafts related and also enjoys doing her makeup. Jesenia loves coming to work and seeing the faces of every single client and watching them grow every single day. It truly makes her heart happy! Jesenia has a dog named Lola! She loves to travel to Mexico and learn about her culture! One thing she would love to do in her lifetime is to adopt a child.