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Apple Academy

Apple Academy is an intensive program for learners ages 2-7. Apple Academy is a unique alternative to traditional special education, providing individualized programming and a 1:1 staff ratio to maximize learning opportunities.

At Apple Academy, you'll find:

  • TABLE TIME: During table time, technicians work one on one with the child on individualized programs based on comprehensive assessments.
  • NET (Natural Environment Teaching): Watch as the skills taught during table time generalize to the natural environment. All of our centers are setup to mimic a typical early childhood center. In the NET technicians work on manding (requesting items) and peer play.
  • GROSS MOTOR: Gross motor takes place twice a day in the form of music and movement or if the weather permits we take the children outdoors.
  • CIRCLE TIME: Twice a day, children attend circle time where we have calendar time, sing good morning, watch the weather and play a motor imitation song. Our second circle of the day is our literacy circle where we read a story and sing and dance to more motor imitation songs.
  • SOCIAL SKILLS: Opportunities are created throughout the day at Apple Academy. From NET to meal times we always encourage peer interactions with our students.
  • ACTIVITIES: Every day, we plan a curriculum-based activity incorporating Math, Science, Art, or Sensory play.

You can also join us for Apple Too, an intensive after-school program. We create individualized programming that will build independence in your child, and skills are taught in 1:1, small group, and social group settings. Apple Too is open Monday-Friday, after school until 6:30pm.

Giving Back for ABA
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Giving Back for ABA


We are proud to partner with ABLE Academy, an alternative education option specializing in ABA for students age(s) 9-21. ABLE’s mission is to help students Achieve Beyond Limits and Expectations by providing top-quality education with foundations rooted in Applied Behavior Analysis.

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