We made it… 2020 is almost a thing of the past… PHEW! Let's say that again…. we are almost at the END of 2020!

I didn't say we made it unscathed, or without a huge amount of change, flexibility, heartbreak, loneliness… gosh I could go on, but my point is here we are...at the brink of the new year….

So many feelings, but maybe we should just let them go, just as we let this monumental year go into the history books….

Starting a new year is always an exciting time for us in our house...for one it is my... ever resourceful, the one that holds us together, my better half, my... Hub’s Birthday on Jan 1st! So that is ALWAYS a reason to kick off the year with a bang.. (preferably with fireworks for my T).

It is also a time we can wipe the slate clean, set new goals, and enter the new year full of hope and anticipation. I love the excitement of new devotionals, new journals, new pages, new chapters, a FRESH START if you will.

But first, we need to finish off 2020, and like much of this year, December has felt so different from years past.

Replacing wandering the aisles of festively decorated stores with the cold experience of online shopping, finding ways to support local restaurants through curbside rather than dressing up for festive parties, dropping annual traditions and spending more time at home, gathering up candles for the candlelit online Christmas Eve service, even switching out sparkly dresses for comfy (and still sparkly!) pajamas for the multitude of zoom calls!

We’re being pulled in many different directions, but if we could take a moment, we’d realize there are still many things to be thankful for. 

So I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very merry happy everything! My prayer for you is to enter the New year with a New Hope (yes, my boys love Star Wars!). I look forward to sharing and learning from you as we start 2021… and I would love to see more of you at our virtual parent hangouts next year…let's parent together!

With love hugs and best wishes for a safe and healthy Holiday season for you and your loved ones, may the light and Joy of the season guide you safely to new beginnings.


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