So many decisions to make.

So many decisions we can't make until we have all the choices.

And then there's just - 

 so many choices....

ohhh my!

Ahhhh... take a breath..... a deep breath in and hold for 3 seconds and then exhale... repeat 5 times!

Funny thing is I know I used to tell T to do this all the time (he is even doing it himself now when needed), but how often do we take just a moment to ourselves?

These last few weeks I have been listening to (no doubt you have as well) so much debate on schools, masks, COVID etc. In addition to the opinions of so many of my friends, community members, people on the TV, on the radio, online and in my Facebook feed. 

One thing I find myself wanting to decide to do is seriously unplug and go and bury my head in a big pile of pillows…

It's just so much noise!

However, beyond the loud bickering noise, I'm also getting a feeling, a momentum if you will. Families similar to yours and mine who are choosing to use these unstable and unpredictable times to dig deep, cast wide and think outside the box.  Because isn't that just what all the people who are guiding decisions are doing? There is no play book, and not one solution that fits all.

It reminds me of the early days during our journey with Autism. Perhaps you remember too, or maybe that's where you are right now. As a community we have made it our motto "you do what it takes": You think and embrace therapies, strategies and procedures that are not the "norm". 

You think outside the box!

Even the lockdown box.

I will never forget when our OT suggested brushing T.  Not his teeth, not his hair, but his whole body with a very soft bristled brush in a given order, starting at the top of his head and ending at the soles of his cute little baby feet. You should have seen the look on my face. Our OT, who up until now seemed like she knew what she was doing, was asking me to brush my baby. Surely I must have misunderstood. You see for me, in my way of thinking, this just didn't make sense. I would never have thought that through this protocol my T would have a much better tolerance of water in the shower, the sprinkler and the rain. Who knew? Thankfully, our amazing OT did!

Here's the thing: We don't know it all, we barely know enough to get by. This means that thinking outside the box on our own just isn't going to work for most of us. But the good news is that we can lean on each other. We can gather ideas from other families. Sharing what has (and has not) worked for each other. We can stretch our field of view.  It makes for a broader thinking outside the box. 

We can start finding ways to make the school year ahead as successful as possible. 

We can be prepared for the many transitions that are inevitably ahead of us. 

We can explore ideas to have some family fun along the way! 

Whatever the year may look like, we can have some new ideas, new approaches, to get through it all.

This is one of the main reasons I would encourage you to join us at one or all our virtual Parent Hangout Groups. You might just have a light bulb moment while talking to some of the awesome parents that join us. 

Once we step aside from realizing that things are different, and might be different for sometime, we can see that different, or even totally unexpected, does not mean doom and gloom. Rather, it’s an opportunity to  open up our way of thinking, knowing while no one choice is good for everyone. So let’s mix the last weeks of summer up a bit and embrace being out of our comfort zone.

Lets be open and flexible to think outside of the box as the school year comes a start in a year we will likely never forget.

As always we are all in this together so please do reach out, I would love to hear some of your thinking outside of the box ideas!

Have a blessed and beautiful August,


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