Does it feel like we now get bombarded with all the end of year Holidays at one time?

People talk about the desire to slow down and make life simpler, but Holiday activities appear to be coming up at a faster pace than ever before.  Just visit your local large retailer, and you’ll find everything you need to prepare for the next three months all at once. It would be easy to get pulled into believing that piling everything into a few weeks of preparation might make you get ahead of the game.  But the unfortunate reality is that studies show it is only making us more frantic. There’s a sense that we might miss something or run out of time. And in your already full life of schedules and commitments, this is the last feeling you need to have. I know you are probably already making a list, and checking it twice.

At the top of your list, there still needs to be some time for your sanity

Here are four self-care ideas for inspiration.

  1. Put Self-Care On the Agenda

Parents of children with Autism live and breathe by rigid schedules. Consistency keeps the most challenging Autistic behaviors at bay. The first step to maintaining balance and self-care is to schedule it on the schedule with as much priority as everything else on the schedule. The best part is that it only needs to take up 10 to 15 minutes each day to be effective. Do not schedule specific activities for that time slot, but rather label that time slot as something general, because the purpose of self-care is to spontaneously do whatever feels best at that moment. Avoid using that time slot for obligations such as exercise and errands. Those activities deserve their own time slots.

  1. Lean on Others

Part of achieving self-care is realizing that no one can care entirely for themselves. Invest in relationships. Make time for date nights and alone time with other significant family members. Go to a Parent Support Group meeting, and find other families who you can schedule play dates or get-togethers with. Take that offer from your neighbor or friend to give you a few minutes of you-time.

  1. Journal

Keeping a journal is an excellent way to say all the things that cannot be said out loud and process them. Every parent has thoughts and feelings that they need to express, but do not necessarily want to share with others. Journals are a safe place to put them into words and make them external from the self. The next time things get rough, reading about how they worked out last time provides encouragement.

  1. Try New Foods

Due to your regimented lifestyles, you could probably stand to spice up your life, literally and figuratively. Food is a great way to get pleasure out of something everyone must do every day, anyways. Try new holiday recipes and check out new restaurants. This creates a great opportunity for date nights and outings with friends, both of which are also essential to maintaining self-care.

You don’t necessarily need to turn your world completely upside down, but rather make a few key changes to things you are already doing. 


Let us know which of these you used, and how they worked. You can email me at I look forward to hearing about your success. 


Be well,