We are all in the same storm but we are not all in the same boat… Anonymous 

As we are all adapting to our new ways of life and the changes and accommodations that come with it, one thing is clear - we are not all in the same boat. 

The same storm yes, but not the same boat.

This truth has become more apparent to me as the weeks of shelter in place have progressed and particularly as the different phases have been announced. What does this really mean to me, to my family and our individual needs?

As I see my Facebook feed blowing up with plans for those social-distance get-togethers my friends are already planning, I can’t help but think: Will things really change for my family? These meet-ups with masks and social distancing - how will we manage that when socializing was already a challenge under ‘normal’ circumstances for my family? 

The truth is, that what might work for some of our friends might not work for us...

And well, guess what? 

That's ok!  

I realized the depth of this reality just a few weeks ago. We were invited to a neighborhood social distancing gathering. The invite was bring your own drinks, seats and sit around the cul-de-sac.

Sounds harmless, right?

Actually, for us,  it was a problem fraught with potential harm. The problem arises as  my child sees things like many of our neurodiverse kiddos -  pretty black and white. 

He is my rule follower. So when I tell him we can’t have a hang out with his friends, but we can sit apart from our neighbors, this is blurring the rules.  And experience tells me that this may lead to him making unsafe choices. So we decided that in this instance we were going to decline the invite and that’s OK! 

At times of so much uncertainty, we can try to remind ourselves that we are all trying our best in the “boat” we are in and we all need to show, and be shown, a lot of grace. And along with it, thoughtful understanding and genuine kindness. We are all making decisions and choices based on what we know today, and then BOOM, things change and everything gets thrown up in the air. None of us actually can fathom  what decisions we may need to take in the future. 

So while we continue to try our best, we just don’t know how it will rock our boat…

But we are resilient, we are strong, and we will stay afloat!

As you read my blog and consider my thoughts, I would love to hear from you and hear how you and your family are navigating the waters around your own pandemic storm.

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