Parenting during COVID…It’s OK…

Are you trying to survive quarantine with kids? Has Parenting during COVID-19 driving you a little bit crazy? Do you feel like your kids are testing you every. minute. of. the. damn. day? 

I want you to know: mamas, dads, and everyone else reading this… I want you to know, that you’re doing a good job. I know you may think you’re not, but trust me, I am 99% sure that you are, and that you’re being hard on yourself.

I want you to know that it’s OK...

It’s OK to stay in your PJs all day. 

It’s OK to feel like you have to put on makeup and cover your under-eye circles and pretend you’re having a meeting if you’re not. Whatever makes you feel better. If you want to glam up DO THAT. If you wanna dress down, do that! 

Do whatever makes you feel a little bit better about this whole situation. 

It’s OK that dry shampoo is your very best friend.

And it’s OK that concealer is your BFF too.

It’s OK to eat breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast.

It’s OK to hide in the bathroom. Or, take a slightly longer shower, or pretend you’re using the potty for big poop and lock the door so the kids don’t come in. 

It’s OK to find comfort in mundane things like washing dishes or doing laundry.

It’s OK to get completely lost in a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle and be more excited about it than your kid.

It’s OK to make your kids eat vegetables while you eat Cheetos for dinner (No, it isn’t only you).

It’s OK to be great one day and be totally sad the next.

It's OK to not watch the news… actually, please ration the news that you watch because it can’t be good for anyone’s mental health to watch 24/7 coverage.

It's OK to CRY.

It's OK to take a break from real life and get lost in painting with your kids.

It's OK to want to SCREAM. You’ll only scare your neighbors a little if you do.

It's OK to CRY (saying it again because it needs repeating).

It’s OK to take time to do something that isn’t related to your kids and that is only for yourself. 

It’s OK to feel joy, even if for a moment. 

It’s OK to feel overwhelmed at remote learning and curse the person who thought that expecting kids to be online for a whole school day would be a good idea. 

It’s OK to feel like you don’t know how to process your emotions, because, we have never been in a global pandemic before. 

It’s OK to feel like you need a mental break.  

It’s OK to want to seek professional help. 

It’s OK to want to laugh. Please, find something that makes you laugh. 

It’s OK to laugh when you cry. 

It's OK to be angry and want things to CHANGE!

Yes, for all these reasons and many, many more…

It’s OK. 

Be well, be OK.

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Joy is originally from the Central Valley of California, where she was raised on a farm and discovered her love for growing things. As the mother of a blended family of 7 adults and the grandmother of 9, she's learned many lessons about supporting the growth of people.

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