Pairing....What is that?!

When you sit down for lunch with a friend and you ask them how their day was. By relating to people, you are more likely to have a collaborative relationship and set the stage for equal sharing and enjoyment.  When we start a session with our clients, we need to pair with them.

We need to get into their world and see what they enjoy.

This may mean sitting next to a teen and watching them play video games for a bit, then asking some questions.  A bit later, asking to join. For little children, it would be playing on the floor. Getting down on their level and incorporating yourself into their play.  

Through pairing, the instructor (or technician) will gain access to all the pieces of that reinforcer. 

If the child is playing with blocks, you would watch them play with blocks for a bit. Then join nearby, and slowly move your way into the block play.  Within a few minutes, you would have all the blocks that are extra on the floor in your possession, in this way the child must go through you to continue playing with the highly preferred activity. 

Be sure to give the child ‘freebies’ or blocks without asking. This will help to establish trust and understanding that I should want to be in the presence of the technician, as the world gets better when they are present. 

The response effort will slowly increase, based on the skill set of the learner. A few free blocks without saying anything, then the technician may require the word approximation ‘ock’ then a block is delivered.

Pairing is very important to establish the relationship that when you are working with me, my world gets better. 

Pairing is something you do with friends, family and clients alike.

Spend some time hearing them, and they will hear you when the time is right.