Happy November!

Andie here! I am the New Client Liaison at BPI and I have the pleasure of helping people out along this crazy autism journey.

I live it each day and understand the many struggles that parents face. ABA, OT, ST, Social groups, IEP’s, familial pressures, societal pressures and the most fun one -INSURANCE! Yuck! It is a necessary evil. The good news is that now is the time to do something about that insurance plan that doesn’t cover the therapies that your child needs.

I wanted to let people know that it is OPEN ENROLLMENT time for insurance.

This means that if you are not happy with your current insurance YOU CAN GET A DIFFERENT POLICY!

I get so many calls every day from parents wanting ABA but their insurance does not cover it. This period when you can call an insurance broker to get a plan DOES cover ABA for your child with autism.

Open enrollment goes until December 15th. Call now and start the process. If you need the names of brokers that specialize in getting plans that do cover ABA contact us! I have a couple of gentlemen that do a great job and many of our clients have been very pleased with their services.

My parenting tip of the day ***

I don’t care how you do it, but just get ABA Therapy for your child with autism! I would love for it to be with BPI, but if you are not in our service area – JUST GET ABA! It literally changed my child’s trajectory and has impacted his future and my family’s future as well!

- Andie