Today marks the second anniversary of the first time I stepped into a BPI office.

I am incredibly excited about this anniversary. I am also pleased to be a part of our opening of another new Apple Academy in Madison County, Illinois. This will be the 3rd Apple Academy opening I get the pleasure of being a part of and see those doors open to a new community of families. Even if you are not getting services from our company, I know that you understand how vital it is for families of children with autism and other neurodiversity to have places to go for help when they need it.

Yes, there are a lot of different places you can go for support and services. And that’s wonderful.

But today, I wanted just to take a moment to tell you about the reason why BPI is where so many of us choose to work and grow.

It comes down to what we value here at BPI, how we measure success beyond numbers or income. How after over ten years, we remain strong and dependable. The things that we build upon also happen to be some of the same things that you, as a parent of a child with special needs, depend on to establish a strong base for your family.

Values. Paraphrasing from a quote, values are those things we look to for resilience when we want to quit. They may not make the pain or hardship less, but they help us have a new perspective on how we might view that struggle. 

Think of facing your toughest challenges and being able to walk through them. These are the things that color vision and help us see to the other side of whatever comes our way.

Consider positivity. This doesn’t require always being positive. Only that I make a firm decision to choose optimism. Just because things aren’t going our way, it doesn’t mean I’m unable to change direction. That’s what positivity does. And in our service to your family, it means we don’t give up. We just look to another one of our values, and that might be


You know what I mean. Those times that what you are trying isn’t working, so it’s time to think outside of the limits. Creativity doesn’t see what is not possible; it looks at what is possible. In your world, there is no roadmap, and every day brings something new. That’s why BPI maintains an openness to what can be, instead of only what is. Sometimes, that can’t be done alone, or even together, so we look to another value which is 


I love this word because it is limitless. As a provider, we don’t stop at our door for what we can offer your family. We don’t see ourselves as the only place you can or should get services. In fact, the goal is what is most important in a good collaboration, and our goal, like yours, is the very best for your child. Whether that be adding services like speech or occupational therapy or counseling or school support, BPI works with you to bring it all together. 

It is hard sometimes to reach out for collaboration or to build it. We know that collaboration requires trust because it takes time to ensure that our goals are the same. And that is why I think one of our most important values at BPI is 


Integrity means that we stand behind our work by always examining and considering our thoughts and actions. We are open to being challenged and questioned by you so that we can work together. As you look at the role you have as a parent or caregiver of your special child, you know that you are often overwhelmed with responsibilities and requirements. It’s good to know that you are working with a provider who holds a very high standard for integrity in those moments.

Positivity, creativity, collaboration, and integrity.

These values have been a part of my work-life for the past two years. These are things I am asked to uphold as a part of the BPI organization. They are challenging, and they don’t take away disappointment or frustration, but they help find a way through those things. 

I hope you will reach out to us at BPI if we can support your family and your values. And if you are one of our current families, just know that we will continue to find ways to serve you in the unique ways that make your family special. 



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