This 4th of July things are going to be very different.

There are no festivals to attend, there may not be family and friend gatherings to attend, no parades and most towns may not be hosting a fireworks show.

There is so much uncertainty within the world right now.

One thing we are certain about is that however you celebrate the 4th of July, you can make it the best day for your family. You might need to consider the unique ways your special needs family member requires to have a wonderful day.

Since you are your child's best advocate, you are the best person to decide what parts of a typical 4th of July need to be considered. Noise levels, crowds and foods are just a few things that have probably come to your mind.

Here are 3 quick tips to help make the 4th of July fun for your child(ren) with special needs. Keep in mind that kids change from year to year, so what may have worked in the past, might not this year. So adding to your list of go-to's is always a great idea.

  1. Be ready for Fireworks - No matter where you go to watch them - down the block, in your backyard, to the field in the park or inside your home - make sure you bring noise-canceling headphones, a weighted blanket, or whatever item your child uses as their preferred item.
  2. Talk to your child before - start getting your child ready for the loud noises they may hear. Even if you plan on staying home, you are likely to hear fireworks. Talk to your child about what these sound and look like so they can have a better understanding of what is to come.
  3. Have a party at home - Come up with some fun fourth of July sensory crafts (check out our Pinterest for ideas!) fun fourth of July foods, everything you would typically have if you were to go out to friends or family member’s houses.

If all this seems too stressful, remember, give yourself and your child a break. Stay home, have a family night, eat yummy food, relax.

No matter what you decide to do, it will be perfect, because you will be surrounded by the people whom you love the most.

Do what is best for you and your family, not what others want you to do because that's the true message of the 4th - INDEPENDENCE.
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