What better way to welcome apple season than with an apple sensory activity? Finger painting is one of many sensory activities that can help your child with communication and fine/gross motor skills while also engaging their brains through play. The best part is this activity is mess free and friendly to those who have tactile sensitivity to paint!

Materials Needed:

  • Paint (red, yellow, green)
  • Gallon zippable freezer bag
  • Tape
  • Card stock
  • Scissors
  • BPI apple template


  1. Print the BPI apple on your card stock using the template and cut the apple out leaving you with a blank apple.
  2. Squeeze paint into the gallon bag, placing each color where it would go on the apple. Then remove the air from the bag and seal it. 
  3. Tape the bag to the back of the card stock being sure the colors are in the right spot. You might also want to lightly tape the card stock to your table to ensure your kiddo’s artwork stays in one place during the activity.
  4. Time to finger paint! Allow your child to move and mix the paint around until the apple is fully painted.