Maximize the Potential

Less is more?

Not when it comes to YOUR child.

Hear from autism parents who have been through the struggles of insurance, intensive behaviors, and learning to empower their child. By taking advantage of all the hours and therapies available to their children, they have watched them thrive.


This will not be available forever….

Insurance can begin to be limited as our children grow older. Funding options to continue to pay for services become harder to obtain the longer you have been in therapy.

Intensive Therapies

Why more hours?

  • Catch up on developmental milestones in a shorter period of time.
  • School readiness: prepare your child for success in a school setting.
  • Prepare your child to be a lifelong learner.

Challenging Behaviors

  • Avoid a long learning history with challenging behavior. 
  • Make the progress now and have fewer challenges as your child gets older. 
  • Finding the time to address these challenges as they get older gets harder.

Devil’s advocate

“I don’t want all these people in my house”

“Will my child learn from so many different therapists?”

Tune in with parents who have taken advantage of their full hours of ABA therapy. Learn how they debunked the myths of ABA therapy and it has improved not only their child but their entire family.

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ABA or Applied Behavior Analysis is based on a science of learning and analysis of behavior-environment interactions.

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is an evidenced-based practice that uses meaningful activities to help individuals reach their highest level of independence with those daily tasks that are essential for successful participation in their school, home and community.

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The ADOS-2 is composed of 5 modules based on the age and speech of the individual being assessed.

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Why BPI?

We believe that every child has potential to reach new levels of independence, grow in effective communication, and acquire new, valuable skills. In fact, our organization exists because we believe those things. We want to partner with you to ensure that every child grows, learns, and experiences quality of life.

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