Hina Patel

Hina recently joined BPI as our new parent liaison. She is looking forward to meeting the many wonderful families BPI serves!
Hina was born and raised in northern England, but has called IL her home for the past 15 years! She has a bachelors degree in Tourism and Management and loved meeting new people and helping them plan perfect vacations for that well deserved break.
Hina enjoys spending time with her two dogs Porcia and Paddington, swimming, cycling and any and all crafts! After moving to the US, she was blessed with her son Tristan, who transformed her life through his unique and amazing gifts, encapsulated in the world by the label Autism.
They experienced many trials and small victories in the early years, but 3 years in, she came across ABA with none other than our very own Candice Gizewski, founder and CEO of BPI. It wasn’t long before ABA was transforming Tristan’s life. They saw one major challenge after another broken down and overcome through a multi-disciplinary approach centered around ABA.
There is no silver bullet when it comes to the challenges families like ours face, but there are techniques that are better suited to our children, like ABA. But as each child is so uniquely gifted, exploring how to tailor ABA services to each of our children’s needs is a journey, often with twists, turns, ups and downs, but more importantly, with achievements, progress and joy!
Hina is really looking forward to getting to know you and your families to understand your personal journeys and explore how BPI can tailor the services you receive to unlock the potential of your children. Her role is not a therapist role, but instead is designed to help bridge between the real life experiences you encounter and the technical expertise of BPI. She hopes you will become comfortable in sharing your feedback and needs with her so together we can work towards building a stronger and stronger plan for your child. 
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